Information about TurtlShell



TurtlShell is an online marketplace for sharing community goods. We help you make money off stuff you don't use and save money on anything you need.

Do you need equipment for a camping trip, tools for home improvement, or a grill for a cookout? With a simple search you can find any of those in your neighborhood and rent it for a few bucks a day. Maybe you have a sweet set of speakers? Make some extra cash by renting them out to the guy next door.


Why TurtlShell?

First, a turtle carries everything it needs on its back. No more, no less. The turtle is free to enjoy life without being held up by extra burdens or "things." Make your home your TurtlShell and use your neighborhood resources

Second, a turtle is always safeguarded by its shell. Likewise, we’ve got your back! Anytime you need a random tool for a quick fix, your neighbors are there to save the day.

Third, the individual patterns on a turtle's shell come together in a single, strong formation. One of our goals is to bring together different community members so you can live a more productive and efficient life. With TurtlShell, you can help each other live freely!